Tuesday, November 22, 2011

myDamnBlog: First One

Okayy so I don't know how the BLOG rules apply but this seems like the next step up to a journal. An ONLINE journal where nothing is private. Freedom of Speech, here we go. 

2o11 is ending and while I can't wait for Christmas to end, sorry folks, but the Grinch done stole Christmas from me this year! I woke up today feeling oh so special:) 
I have a roof over my head, blankets to keep me warm, food and CLEAN water, clothes on my back and a room to call my own. I woke up to a brick of a phone, accidententally textin' a few of my great ones and now end up having the best text convo's! Ha. I received a text from my sister at church telling me to get the chicken started! The rule in our house is, if you don't attend church then you gotta cook for tona'i. Luckyyyy me!! 
Now I'm blasting some music, got the chicken cookin and choppin it up with my other sister. She's tellin me about her Saturday night out...How I miss dem nights! Those late nights that turned into mornings, where we lived wild, young and free. I'm still young but not as wild! Ha. I can always tell how much Christine had fun, by her smile. She has one of those big smiles, that can brighten up any one's day.  

Sundays do it for me. My REDEEM day. The Lord rested on the 7th day. So I see why we attend church one day of the week, also. Can you imagine going to church everyday? I'm so random right now. 
Gettin back to the point of my blog, 2o11: my year of learning. I decided to go back to school after 8yrs, I thought I was smart until I attended school. In the beginning going to school was about money but now I realize having a education will take me places I can only imagine right now. A dream turned into reality is my goal. 
I want to love what I do and the process is rollin. The 3 top things that scares people from doing anything is Age, Education and Money. Age is what you make it. You'll still be 55 when you turn 55, age will happen, it's beyond your control. But while your fretting about it, do something. I support anyone wanting an education, although school isn't for everyone. Read, read and read! Let your mind think, explore the possibilities and turn those what if's into I did it!!! Money comes and goes, no matter how rich or poor you are. 

This is my first blog, I'm ending it here cuz I got to go cook the rest of the chicken! Ha.  I might actually like this blob crap, lol. See ya lovebuggs:) 

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