Friday, January 27, 2012


Confession: Recently I've been obsessed with CW's Gossip Girl..I never thought I'd love a show like Gossip Girl. I pre-judged the rich spoiled kids...What could they complain about? They lead rich lives. Gossip Girl is family, scandal, characters who scheme, lie, and blackmail. Secrets are sourced from a blogger herself: Gossip Girl! Ha. The writers know just how to end an episode for viewers wanting more. You bet your pants, I did too. I've watched 4 seasons and the 5th season is the most current. The 100th episode airs next Monday and I can't wait!

My favorite characters Blair and Chuck have the cutest love story...I don't want to ruin the show by telling the plot but if you ever get a chance, check it out. I've laughed, cried, gasped and awww'ed  with them. Have you ever felt like you've grown with characters from a book or in my case a TV show. One day after watching an episode an inside voice said, "Why are you wasting your time? This isn't real. This is how TV sucks you in". While I believe the notion, TV IS NOT A REALITY, I also think HOPE FLOATS...Who says I can't have my own fairytale ending? Okay maybe that's a little far fetched but a girl can wish for the best. In a world of hard times, greed, struggle and strife.What keeps you motivated? I thought about this and of course I listed a few of my personal motivators:

1. Myself: I am my biggest competitor. When I accomplish a goal, the feeling gives dignity. The sky isn't the limit anymore, hell, I wanna paint that shit..Check a task off and set higher goals. Surprise yourself, you don't owe the world anything but your best.

2. Music: While I love engaging in my own thoughts, I listen to music and feel the pleasure of another emotion taking me away. Music has that effect. Throughout the day when I need that extra uuumph I turn on my ipod and zone out. Music motivates when I'm exercising too. It's almost like your rockin' to your own beat...but not. Lol.

3. My Family: My support system, my fallback and hardest critics. Can't live with em, can't live without em. They push me to my limit and sometimes I wana tell them where to go but it goes to show how much I value their opinion. 

4. Numbers: We live in a world obsessed with numbers and yess I've fallen into the madness. I'm money motivated, and competitive. Numbers from test scores to how much weight I've lost or gained keeps the game going.

5. 'In God We Trust' is more than religion. The faith I have for Heavenly Father gives me strength. I've witnessed personal revelation and the feeling was indescribable: the moment was right, my heart was happy, and I felt complete. If I could give every person in the world the feeling, I would.

How did television not being a reality turn into a motivational post? My thoughts have caught up faster then I could keep up. Thanks for listening to my reality, love buggs.

Yours Truly,


  1. Super lovely blog!


  2. really great post! I really like gossip girl as well :) but I was never really
    obsessed with such serials. :')


  3. Serials?? Huh? Lol. Well thanks for the input!!! xo.