Tuesday, January 17, 2012


"The more positive your self-image is, the greater your ability to loveJanet O'Neal
One of my sisters, whom I'll choose to remain nameless, thinks I have the most disgusting taste in men. Rude right? Lol. Well that's how we roll-Brutal honesty is how we love;) Cathy, Christine, April and I were driving to dinner one night. I felt like I was getting attacked by them because our discussion on having the same taste in men were so different. Mind you, I have "my type". I have yet to find everything in a man with "my type". I'm not perfect and I don't expect the guy I meet to be either. I am realizing having a "type" limits my chances. Progress towards perfection as long as we're given another day to live, right? While I try to explain to my sisters, "There is just something about him" and "He's sexy with his scars...".  They shake their heads, laugh and say "Ew". When my sisters act judgmental, it causes me to act ugly sometimes, lol. I'm getting angry by the minute trying to prove my point. Women are beautiful in their own ways and it makes sense we all have different tastes in men, too. My sisters and me exchange what we each like, love, hate, adore, find annoying and can't stand about the opposite sex. My mind refers back to this book I read awhile ago...Cracking the Love Code by Janet O'Neal. Her book is very insightful. I love reading books by authors who allow the reader to think freely. In her chapter on Chemistry she refers to 4 levels of Attraction: 

  • Intellectual: "You are mentally intrigued and challenged by the other person"
  •  Emotional: "You feel safe enough with this person to share your most intimate thoughts"----> Scary, right? Lol.
  • Physical: "You think this has to be the most appealing person in the whole universe"
  • Spiritual: She didn't really go into this level of chemistry but I would assume this is where you feel connected in a whole different way, too. 

When I see a beautiful man, my body reacts and I sit there stuck. Attraction can be a dangerous thing..Ha! I'm guilty of thinking when he opens his mouth, "What the hell?". I am baffled. BAFFLED the conversation is going nowhere. Have you ever talked with someone, who answers a question with a question? Shit, drives me crazy!!! I'm one to value a great conversation and appreciates the next person who can hold one. This attraction thing makes more sense to me as I meet men. Lesson is: Physical attraction can wear off, I need someone I can connect with. Where attraction leads to chemistry and ultimately turns into a commitment amongst other things like trying to change someone, that would be poisonous. Love is precious and basically comes down to a choice. I'm single and sometimes living single frustrates me because I haven't been alone in such a long time but I'm good. I figure, if I pray for Heavenly Father to send me a potential companion, whoever HE IS, is praying for the same thing and we cross paths: right time-perfect moment. A girl hopes...After all, patience is a virtue I definitely need to practice having.  

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