Friday, January 6, 2012


Aging Happily:
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I could really get use to blogging! Ha. My good friend Ova kept telling me to start a blog and I put it off because I couldn't find the time. Since I have the time now, I've been going blog crazyy! Lol. School will start up on Monday again so I can't promise more posts but I'll try. I just returned from driving my little sisters to school: April Conference and Tamara Mariah. They're such goofballs, in the car I was trying to get them excited about today being Friday. We were trying to come up with a "Friday" song in the car but they were like half awake, poor kids. I remember having to wake up in the wee morning to make school on time. As I was leaving their school, I saw a mother and her two daughters walking, bundled tight with their coats. I caught the Mothers eye for a second...I came to a stop sign and felt bad. I thought "Maybe, you should go back and pick them up?" But I kept driving because maybe she might think I'm some psycho or something! Then I came across this old man jogging, bless his heart, he was wearing shorts over thermals, a big blue sweater and his knee socks with this big band on his head. 

While I kept driving, seeing those two particular people this morning humbled me. The fact that Utah weather is freezing cold and it's in the morning, I'm thankful for my health and luxury of having a vehicle. One of my goals this year is to consciously be aware of what I put in my mouth, learning to substitute something junk for something healthy and exercise more.  If a old man can jog in the freezing cold I can do it too! Another one of my dear Aunty's is sick and I never realized how important health is. Some people don't have jobs and no health insurance. I know we are all granted certain circumstances to deal with but given 3 wishes from Genie, HealthCare for everyone would be one, for sure:) Growing older is opening my eyes to many things so for those who are struggling with their health, my heart goes out to you. Keep surviving!!!! I'm not the most healthiest person but I'll strive to acknowledge my health and what I need to do to better myself.

.... Back to the Mother and her daughters, I'm now beating up myself about not picking them up. Ugh!!! I let an excuse take over what I really wanted to do. Even if she thought I might've been psycho, at least I could have given her the opportunity to get a ride and not freeze with her daughters walking to school. Fear took over my actions. I've been fretting about that lately, how much power fear can be. On my phone for motivation, the headline is Love Over Fear. I hope to practice this more by what I do. I'd rather do the deed then feel like crap! Take it from experience, the feeling isn't great, folks. I could write about my could'ves, should'ves but lets not. That will feed some negative energy and I'm not about all that. Back to the purpose of my post...I'm thankful for the little things that remind me of how fortunate I am. I know Heavenly Father is watching from above and given the opportunity, every step I take is a test of myself. In my post before I mentioned I'm a Lister, well I'm also a big time Observer! Haha. Hence, the morning cruise. Below are a few of my my personal thank yous!! 

I'm thankful for:

- My little sister April: She is like my #1 Fan!! Lol. My other sisters find it annoying but I can't help but smile and just love this little girl. She laughs at all my stupid sayings and jokes, ha. She adores me but I simply adore her. For a little one, she compromises things she wants to satisfy everyone around her. She is the youngest of the family and does everything for us. Like getting the remote from downstairs to plugging in my curling iron..I know I can be such a lazy sister. I'm thankful for my April Conference and all that she strives to be.

- The fact that it hasn't snowed...yet!!!! Utah weather is so freakin bi-polar, you just never know what your going to get! Literally some days we get all seasons in a day. Snow going to work, rain at work, sun when I leave work and fog in the evenings. Watch it snow now..Lol.

- Garbage Trucks: Thursday is our pick up day. I was watching the garbage workers the other day on the block. For them to smell all that trash, and then make sure it gets to the right place is beyond me. Someones gotta be the garbage worker and I'm thankful for garbage workers keeping our streets a little cleaner by collecting garbage bins.

-Employment: I'm not really happy with my job because its getting super tedious but I am thankful I have a job with great health benefits. Although its not my dream job but heyyy I need to survive. I'm grateful I have people I work with that are flexible with my school schedule too.

 Happy Day, Lovebuggs!!

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