Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Happy New Years Everyone! 
I'm big on ringin' in the New Year...Yayyyyy we made it:) Haha. 2o12 gives me a reason to decide on the big changes I need to make too. Babysteps turn into Bigsteps eventually! 2o11 played a huge wake up call for me. I learned alot about myself that I liked and didn't like, lol. I realized how important my existence on Earth can influence others in different ways, also. Deep down I knew in my heart changes had to be made but when your actually living the life you expect, a self-actualization hits. When I focus on  the vision of what I want to be I stay motivated to keep going. 2o11 was a great year for my family. My brother and his wife had a new babygirl. Baby Hola looks just like my brother and I find it hilarious! Lol. She is the sweetest blessing we received this year plus my knucklehead nephew, in the photo below he's pretending like I'm not taking his pic, he can be such a faker! Haha. He will be starting school soon so I am super excited for him!! I love my lil neph and neicey. My sister Cathy left to attend Fashion school in L.A. Goooo FIDM!! My Aunt had a major but successful surgery. We have been truly blessed. Of course as a family we have our struggles with life but together we overcome:) 
2o12 just started but I'm ready to tackle shit up! Ha! Goals have been set: long and short term ones. My mind is running like a mile a minute so I'm constantly writing down my every thought, idea or remembering something from my childhood that takes me back to one of those moments..And it's crazy how sometimes I repeat what my Mom and Aunties told me growing up to the little ones! I'm quite the Lister so I'm writing down what I need to do, what I need to buy, where I need to go, homework. I recently deactivated Facebook too, I don't have time to social network much less keep in touch with my friends. Yes, time management  is on my lists of improvement! 

2011 was a hard year with school, work, homework, and family. My faith was definitely tested and turning to my Heavenly Father humbled me. Trying to find balance was the key to juggling alot! Ha. I'm happy to say I am halfway to graduating! So now that I know I can do it, it's time to focus on other aspects of my life. Financially, socially, physically, spiritually and maintain my grind with work and school. I believe every person is created to do something in this world! I don't know exactly what I want to become, I have an idea and that idea could change but in the meanwhile, the wheels need to roll all the time. God makes no mistakes and everything happens for a reason! Own your happiness! That's my motto for 2o12. I have an actual journal, sorry but blogging doesn't really count to me, haha!! Anyway I was looking back on past entries and couldn't help but laugh out loud at the things I wrote and the entries I remembered exactly how I felt at that moment. Just wanted to share that little thought too..Lol. Soooo heres to the best and worst of 2o11 and the new beginnings of 2o12!!!! Geddd it!!!! 

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